50 Fairytale Adventure Hooks


Goodness knows, no matter how well laid a game masters plans may be the players can send them crumbling down in a matter of moments leaving everyone wondering what’s next. Even when your campaign isn’t in ruins sometimes you just plum run out of ideas. That’s where this list comes in! Inside you will find 50 adventure hooks inspired by fairytales from around the world. This list is mostly system neutral so they will be able to fit right into any game with a bent towards that fantastic. Find it here.


Check out a few examples from the list below:

6. A witch is seeking an apprentice and the characters have been invited to participate in her trials.

17. A young man is being plagued by faeries after grievously insulting one of their leaders. He has barricaded himself in his house behind what may as well be walls of salt and iron charms and is unable to leave for fear of the faeries wrath. Wanting to return to his life he enlists the party to make peace on his behalf.

41. The party finds an injured hawk on the side of the road. If they help it it will tell them the location of a magic cloak that allows the wearer to fly. It will also warn them that the cloak is guarded by six monsters, three of whom must be killed and three of whom must be bargained with.

49. A wealthy girl has fallen in love with the kind man her father has hired to tend their garden. She wants nothing more than to run away with her love but her father is an angry and vengeful man and she fears that he will come after then. She seeks out the party and asks for their help to deliver her and her love safely to the house of her mother’s cousin in the neighboring kingdom.


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