75 Fantasy Adventure Hooks


Goodness knows, no matter how well laid a game masters plans may be the players can send them crumbling down in a matter of moments leaving everyone wondering what’s next. Even when your campaign isn’t in ruins sometimes you just plum run out of ideas. That’s where this list comes in! Inside you will find 75 well thought out and interesting adventure hooks. This list is mostly system neutral so they will be able to fit right into any game with a fantasy element. Find it here.


Check out a few examples from the list below:

4. Local townspeople claim to have had a rash of nighttime visitations by the spirits of departed loved ones. Some claim that the visitations are a miracle while others, including local clergy, are unsure.

20. One of the PC’s bears an incredible resemblance to an important historical figure and people are starting to notice.

42. The people of a village have begun developing strange powers, such as the ability to call frogs by hiccupping, and have no idea why. As it turns out an alchemist living up the road has been doing some rather odd experiments and his runoff has polluted the water table. If the party investigates they will notice local animals have begun developing powers as well.

60. Poachers are killing rare white deer in a forest that is under the protection of a group of druids. However, the poachers are familiar with the druids and have been able to evade them, which is why the druids have come to the party for help.

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