Jewelry Generator and 100 Jewelry Pieces


Have you ever wanted to give out treasure with a little more flavor? Want to add something to that horde that isn’t magical that the players might still be interested in? Need something a little extra to loot off of that body? Maybe you have players that have found their way to a jeweler and you want to give them a little more description that “a gold necklace” or “a diamond ring”. If so then this is the publication for you!

Inside you will find a table with 100 interesting jewelry pieces such as a jade bracelet carved into a dragon biting its tail, a necklace of alternating gold tubes and serpentine beads, and a triangular gold brooch with pyrope garnets at the corners.

There are also three accompanying tables to help you come up with extra jewelry pieces, or simply raw gems, on the fly. The first table features 50 gems ranging from the standard (ruby, diamond, emerald) to the rare and unusual (padparadscha, melanite, schrol). The second and third tables give the material the jewelry is made out of and the type of jewelry. Combined they give you thousands of possibilities for pieces of jewelry for any situation! Find it here.

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