One Buck Bar: The Crossbuck (17)

Welcome to the Crossbuck bar. This one time hot spot is now a busy but decrepit dive. Silence your inner germaphobe and join the drunken crowd for some greasy food, cheap drinks, and the some of the worst karaoke you’re likely to hear all month. Patry your heart out, after all the staff seems to be here to have a good time too! Watch your back though, illicit dealings have put a target on the bar and patrons have started disappearing for unknown reasons.

Bar Overview

Atmosphere: Dive bar
Main Clientele: Boozers, losers, & other questionable characters
Max Capacity: 80
Extras: Two pool tables, karaoke machine
Price Point: Low
Staff: 8
Reputation: Poor
Activity Level: Busy on weekends, steady on weekdays

One Buck Bars are fully fleshed out bars ready to be dropped in to your campaign. Each bar has four to six pages of content, a detailed description of the property, eight to twelve detailed NPCs, ten to fifteen rumors and events and an appropriately themed menu ready to be printed off. Check it out here

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