100 Superstitions and Pieces of Folklore

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You know, my granny always used to say…

From black cats to magpies, every community and culture has their own superstitions for omens good and ill. In the world of tabletop games these can same superstitions can be flights of fancy, or as much a part of life as waking up in the morning.

In this book, you will find 100 new pieces of superstition and folk lore, divided in to five categories. Plants and animals; food and drink; marriage, birth and family; luck and supernatural forces; death, dreams, and other things. The superstitions run the gamut from the pleasant (placing pennyroyal under a rug at a doorway will keep liars out) to the unnerving (if a red bird flies over a house more than once it is a sign that a bloody death has occurred there).

Check it out here.

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