House of Horrors Generator


It doesn’t have to be Halloween to expolre a haunted house. Sending your players through a creepy, eerie, haunted dwelling always makes for a good game night.

In this PDF you will find everything that you need to set up your very own house of horrors:

  • 5 tables to generate the psychial characteristics of the house
  • 3 tables to help you decide on the supernatural activity that will take place
  • 50 Supernatural occurances
  • 50 Odities and objects of ill fortune
  • 20 decorations and household horrors

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NPC Collection: Small Town


This series addresses an often overlooked aspect of games, the average everyday people that populate the cities and towns that your characters are traversing.

From the product page: Need to fill out a small town? Want NPCs with some life and history to them, all ready to be integrated into your setting? Need to breathe some life into that village the party is starting out in? Perhaps some bystanders to weave in to a major event? Look no further, as NPC Collection: Small Town has 20 ready to go villagers from all walks of life ready to fill out your setting.

Each entry contains a short biography, personality markers, piety level, age group, and extra notes, making every NPC well rounded and ready to inhabit your world.

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One Buck Town: Mill Valley


Welcome to Mill Valley, a wild west style boomtown in a fantasy setting! Founded by a wealthy young lord with an extra spark of ambition and driven by a combination of hard work and magical sawmills Mill Valley is destined for success. Things were slow to start but in the last few years laborers and those looking to capitalize on their needs have come flooding into the town. With them have also come those looking to capitalize on the success in a, shall we say, less reputable manner.

Town Overview

Atmosphere: Western Boomtown
Population: 6,034
Government: Lordship
Major Exports: Lumber
Major Imports: Laborers, food products

One Buck Towns are well fleshed out towns ready to be dropped in to your campaign. Each town has four to six pages of content, a description of the history and current state of the town, six to ten detailed NPCs, six to ten points of interest and eight to twelve story hooks to make the whole thing come alive!

A Small Treasury of Magical Items


For your gaming pleasure, I present 32 unique magical items. These items range from creams to enhance appearance to powerful weapons capable of transforming the wielder to a being beyond this plane. Each item description features the appearance of the item, the main effect, and secondary effects, and negative effects or restrictions and a bit of lore to give it life. Find it here.

One Buck Inn: The Clear Skies Inn


Welcome to the Clear Skies Inn, a cozy little rest stop on a cold coast! Join the Calder family and the colorful residents of a little fishing town in a warm and welcoming atmosphere with some of the best food around! Watch out though, rumor has it that the local goblin band is becoming quite bold and the farmers swear that they can hear something coming from beneath the long abandoned burial mounds in the hills.

Inn Overview

Rooms: 8
Beds: 16
Price Point: Reasonable
Staff: 4
Main Clientele: Fishermen and townspeople
Reputation: Excellent locally, good regionally
Atmosphere: Cozy, homey
Activity Level: Steady