One Buck Town: Mill Valley


Welcome to Mill Valley, a wild west style boomtown in a fantasy setting! Founded by a wealthy young lord with an extra spark of ambition and driven by a combination of hard work and magical sawmills Mill Valley is destined for success. Things were slow to start but in the last few years laborers and those looking to capitalize on their needs have come flooding into the town. With them have also come those looking to capitalize on the success in a, shall we say, less reputable manner.

Town Overview

Atmosphere: Western Boomtown
Population: 6,034
Government: Lordship
Major Exports: Lumber
Major Imports: Laborers, food products

One Buck Towns are well fleshed out towns ready to be dropped in to your campaign. Each town has four to six pages of content, a description of the history and current state of the town, six to ten detailed NPCs, six to ten points of interest and eight to twelve story hooks to make the whole thing come alive!