GM’s Day sale 2017


GM’s day has rolled around and we are celebrating along with all the folks over at DrivethruRPG by offering all of our products at 30% off until the 12th of March!

To check out the full selection and take advantage of this awesome sale simply click here.


Character Detail Generator


Create interesting descriptions for both player and non-player characters in moments with this nifty generator! Inside you’ll find 11 tables full of physical descriptors and tables to help flesh out personality and social background.

Both players and game masters can enjoy adding details such as hair length and jaw shape to their characters. After the physical part is settled they can also give their character the start of a personality with tables for basic attitude, social/economic class, and positive or negative personality traits.

Find it here.

A Field Guide to Fantastic Flora


Delve into the world of fantasy flora with the unique guidebook. Inside you will find forty colorful entries detailing extraordinary plants suitable for any fantasy setting. Each entry details the psychical appearance of the plant, where and how it grows, the most common mundane and magical uses, and some field notes for added richness. The entries have also been left system agnostic so they will be able to seamlessly integrate into any game setting! Add an interesting new aspect to your games by finding it here.