100 Fantasy Book Titles


This list features 100 book titles for a fantasy setting. The style of the titles has been inspired by real world historical pieces such as On the Subject of Cooking, Three Treatises on Imperial Military Expeditions, and A Treatise on the Astrolabe. The titles cover a wide range of subjects including fiction, various forms of magic, traps, various professions, sciences, and poetry.


50 Spooky, Punny, Book Titles


This list features 50 silly, spooky, book titles (mostly) inspired by real classics. Some of them are a direct play off of the original title such as The Rise and Fall of the Roman Vampire and A Comedy of Terrors. While others are inspired by characters or plot points in the original books such as Silencing That Tell Tale Heart: A Guide for the Nervous Killer and The Ecology Werecats by Dr. Doolittle. Finally, a few of the titles are inspired by more modern titles such as Cooking for Creatures by Martha Steamwart.

So, whether you are trying to fill the bookshelf of a well read monster or just trying to get a giggle/eye roll out of your party you’ll find everything you need right here!