Background Sounds and Ambient Mixes

I’m a huge fan of those little details that add immersion to a game session. By drawing both the players and the GM into the world they can create a richer experience for all involved. One of my favorite tools for accomplishing this is sound. The way a place sounds isn’t often something that we actively think about. However, much like in movies, the proper background noise can create a very convincing sense of atmosphere.

To that end I’ve created a handful of mixes over on to help enhance my games, and now yours! Here they are:

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10 Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

Prophetic dreams can come to a character for a number of reasons including deity interference, magical psychotropics, spells, or simply their own divinatory abilities. However, coming up with these dreams in the middle of a session can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, this list features variations on 10 interesting dream symbols and their possible meanings in order to assist with that very task!

  1. Wood that will not burn
    – Fuel (either literal of metaphorical) for the task at hand will be lacking. Also may represent that what the dreamer thought to be the source of fuel is useless.
  2. The dreamer wearing distinctive clothing
    – A statement relating to how the dreamer wishes to be perceived.
  3. Hands bound in black ribbon
    – Something actively preventing action.
  4. An ancient hero standing watch
    Actions being judged by respected but outside forces.
  5. A fox leading the way
    – The need for caution and cleverness going forward.
  6. A collapsing bridge
    – The course of action that the dreamer was headed on will crumble beneath them if the continue.
  7. A luxurious feast that rots when the dreamer starts to eat
    – Temptation will lead to deception.
  8. A library full of books that will not open
    – The knowledge the dreamer needs is out of their reach or guarded.
  9. Broken swords scattered in front of a door.
    – Brute force will not yield the desired results.
  10. An earthquake that does no damage.
    – What seems like a great destructive force is actually powerless.