Fantasy Inn and Cuisine Generator


There comes a time in every (well almost every) adventure where the party winds up at an inn and wants to know all about it as well as what there is to eat. It can be quite a challenge to come up with immersive and unique inns and taverns on the fly but that’s where generators and menus like this one come in!

In this PDF you will find everything that you need to set up an inn on the fly:

  • 14 tables to generate your own menus
  • 10 themed sample menus
  • a table to determine menu quality
  • a glossary of terms
  • 3 tavern name generators,
As well as tables for:
  • number of rooms,
  • how many rooms that are filled
  • number of staff
  • number of patrons
  • events at the tavern
  • extra tavern features
  • tavern reputation

I have also included 5 adapted recipes in the back of the book if you would like to share some history with your real life party!


One Buck Inn: The Clear Skies Inn


Welcome to the Clear Skies Inn, a cozy little rest stop on a cold coast! Join the Calder family and the colorful residents of a little fishing town in a warm and welcoming atmosphere with some of the best food around! Watch out though, rumor has it that the local goblin band is becoming quite bold and the farmers swear that they can hear something coming from beneath the long abandoned burial mounds in the hills.

Inn Overview

Rooms: 8
Beds: 16
Price Point: Reasonable
Staff: 4
Main Clientele: Fishermen and townspeople
Reputation: Excellent locally, good regionally
Atmosphere: Cozy, homey
Activity Level: Steady